5 Ways to Start Your Own Vape Business with E-Liquid

2022-06-21 11:57:14


Running a vape business has to conquer many chanllenges. E-liquid & e-cigarette wholesale suppliers can greatly help you on your way to be a boss. Here are the top 5 qustions that you should think about before set up your vape business.

1. OEM Manufacturing

When looking at e-liquid wholesale suppliers, vaping entrepreneurs need to consider the quality of manufacturing they can offer. An experienced e-liquid wholesaler will already have the tooling, equipment, and experience required to regularly fulfil orders that meet uniform quality control standards. You can't begin to build a business if you don't have a quality product to sell.

2. Packaging Design

Most of the e-liquid wholesale distributors don't just deal with the manufacture of the e-juice. If they offer a white-label service, they can help you with your branding and packaging as well. At e-Liquid wholesale you can have labels printed and applied during the bottling process, which means they're delivered to you bearing your branding and are ready to sell straight away.

3. TPD Registration

The Tobacco Products Directive is something you seriously need to consider when you're selling e-liquid. Getting TPD registration can be a time-consuming process, though, and as a new business, you don't have that time to spend. This is where taking advantage of an e-liquid wholesaler who is already TPD registered and compliant can help save you time, and get you selling straight away.

4. Product Promotion

Using e-liquid wholesalers online can open up the door to promotional opportunities, as it gives you a clear benefit to the market to your customers. Ensuring they know your e-liquid is manufactured by high quality and the dependable manufacturer can go a long way to improving customer confidence. This is a regular stumbling block for many small businesses and can give you a competitive advantage.

5. Training and Knowledge

E-liquid wholesalers are also a resource of information for you to use to your benefit. This can be in the form of anything ranging from advice about the best flavour combinations to input regarding the hallmarks of successful e-liquid packaging. You can use their knowledge, their market experience, and their regulatory understanding to your benefit and learn key lessons early.

These are just 5 of the many reasons that using the services of an e-liquid wholesaler to build and grow your vape business. Contact us at DESON for more advice on getting started.