8 Ways To Increase Your Premium E-Liquid Sales Online In 2022

2022-06-21 11:57:14


When marketing premium vape juice, DESON vape specialists have a lot of options to consider in 2022. Here are 8 tips to ensure your sales continue to grow when promoting premium e-liquid.

1. Get Influencers Involved

Love them or loathe them, influencers are an important part of online marketing. If vape influencers are seen using, promoting, and enjoying your premium e-liquid, it can bring a considerable boost to your sales of vape juice. If you dont know which vaping KOLs to coorperate, just follow your competitors' choice first!

2. Keep Up with the Trends

Keeping up with the latest vaping trend is essential for making your e-juice business as current as possible. Whether the flavours, packaging or marketing tie-ins, keep your fingers on the pulse of the developing vape trends and be sure to cater to them. If vapers can always saw the most popular e-liquid flavors or brands in your store, they will get use to checking your store/website whennever they wanna try some new vape juice.

3. Build A Social Media Base

Social media is an integral part of all online marketing now, so it's time for you to start developing your own online community. Regular posts of your e-liquid products and promotion activies in keeping with the premium, high-quality tone of your business will soon make your community grow!

4. Create Bundle Offers

Using e-liquid wholesalers online, you can have access to cheaper bulk-buy prices. This allows you to more affordably offer a range of appealing bundle offers to your customers - consider offering a "month's supply" bundle, or a curated flavour bundle.

5. Share Knowledge through Reviews

Presenting yourself as a vaping authority is key to ensuring your brand is perceived as a premium and knowledgeable one. To do this, consider writing or recording reviews of individual e liquids, and tie them into your monitoring of the latest vape trends.

6. Get Involved with Forums

Forums are a great opportunity for you to speak to the people who are most passionate about your products. Whether it's in the form of unique promotions, answering questions about the industry and your business, or as a tool for solving customer issues, forums matter.

7. Reduce Costs by Buying Wholesale

Using e-liquid wholesalers online can save you money, by allowing yourself to benefit from the savings they make by operating exclusively online. If you save money on manufacturing, you can make more profit through your mark-up at the point of sale.

8. Focus on Quality and Cost

For a premium vape business, quality always needs to be the byword. Customers are willing to pay a little more if it means getting a consistent quality product, so don't be tempted to cut costs too far. Your brand perception is a far more valuable commodity. Get in touch with deson Vape wholesale today for help and advice on starting a successful vape business.