What Is White Label Branding?

2022-06-21 11:57:14


Have you ever heard about White Lable Branding? Do you know what is that? In this artcle , we'll take vape business as an example to explain this question for you.

What Is White Label Branding?

White label branding refers to products that are made by one company and then sold by another. In the vaping business, it is when one vape product company removes their own branding from the labels and logos from the end product (such as vape flavours). These 'white label' products can then be sold directly to other brands or companies , and be customize into their own brand. This coorperation i salso known as OEM & ODM.

For example, if you own a vape company called 'DESON VAPE' , you can buy e-cigarette or e-liquid from a company with white label and then replace the white lable with 'DESON VAPE'.

Why Choose E-Liquid White Label Branding for Your Vape Business?

It can boost the visibility of your brand: by being able to put your own brand on your own products, it instantly boosts your company’s visibility as it increases the public's awareness of your brand.

You can take advantage of expert flavours: vape flavours take time and skill to make. By using white label services, you can ensure that all of your products are expertly crafted and delicious without having to pay to create your own flavours. The products will be of high quality, made with the finest of ingredients and will be created under the proper regulations, and you can still brand them with your company name.

It gives you choice: by choosing to buy vape liquids from a private label e liquid manufacturing company, you get the freedom to choose the right flavours for your brand. White labels companies have the ability to make hundreds of different flavours, so you and your customers have more choice.

Create Your Own Unigue Brand with DESON.

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