Strict product quality control Strict product quality control

Strict product quality control

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R & D Center Strict product quality control E-liquid flavors continue to innovate Our manufacturing capabilities

Strict manufacturing process

Strictly follow food production standards, wear clean clothes and dust caps throughout the process, and quality personnel conduct online inspections of the entire production process.


Upgrade of quality service

Deson aims to manufacture high-quality and high-quality e-liquid products. Before the products leave the factory, the samples are compared with the customer's standard samples in terms of aroma, color, taste, etc., to effectively ensure product quality.


Producing healthy and high-quality e-liquid

Deson focuses on healthy and high-quality e-liquids. In the process of manufacturing e-liquid, we use high technology to extract substances that may affect human health in the raw materials, and have obtained the national food safety certification.


Safe testing and certification

Deson Bio has cooperated with TCT testing institutions in the international and domestic related industries to test Pony Testing and the E-Liquid Measurement Research Institute. According to international standards, professional testing projects are carried out to provide customers with all aspects of the industry's pyrotechnic testing oil certification support.

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