E-liquid flavors continue to innovate E-liquid flavors continue to innovate

E-liquid flavors continue to innovate

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R & D Center Strict product quality control E-liquid flavors continue to innovate Our manufacturing capabilities

Deson professional R&D team focuses on the development and development of green and healthy electronic cigarettes. It has a mature formula database that has been evaluated by professional teams, and is distinguished based on market taste types and customer needs. Thousands of formulas can quickly meet the needs of different types of customers. Smoking sets and various taste requirements.                

Professional e-liquid R&D team


The flavoring team comes from the well-known flavor and fragrance application industry in China, with more than 10 years of flavoring experience in the electronic cigarette industry, and is proficient in GMP and other industry-related certification systems.

E-liquid innovation research and development investment

Deson continuously introduces top e-liquid flavoring talents at home and abroad, and invests more than 3 million in research and development and talent treatment in this field every year.


The world's top manufacturing e-liquid equipment

Deson has a complete set of the world's top e-liquid manufacturing equipment, as well as a perfect production process.


Multiple world-class fragrance laboratories

Deson has 6 world-class e-liquid laboratories, and can launch 5 latest e-liquid flavors every month, which are very popular among consumers