quantity                price

50-99                   $5.20

100-499               $4.95

500-999               $4.80

Official specifications:

VG:PG 6:4

Nic salt: 30ml/20mg+Nicoshu


OEM/ODM: Available

Flavor: Strawberry Kiwi Orange


Official Product Discription:The real and highly restored kiwi fruit aroma, mixed with sweet strawberries, the temptation of mouth-watering bursts out at the moment of opening the lid. The clarity of kiwi fruit is more obvious than that of similar tastes in the past. The entrance is sour and sweet, the aroma is rich, the refreshing and cold, the first-class comfortable throat experience, the fruity details in the latter part of the exhalation are enlarged, the sour juice of kiwi fruit, the milk strawberry Smooth and sweet, showing the ultimate in place! Very good smoked taste, highly recommended!

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