How to Store E-Juice?

2022-08-15 13:51:04


Once we found a flavor you love, storage is vital to keeping the flavor in optimum condition. If our e-liquid is not stored properly, the flavor might degrade or even changes, which can have a negative impact on the taste. So to store our e-liquid rightly is important if we want to preserve the original flavor as much as possible.

Heat, Light and Air – The Flavor-Killers

The core advice for storing e-liquid is that we need to keep them away from excessive heat and light (especially direct sunlight).The reasons vary – heat is the general issue that can leads to flavor degrading, and light and air mainly affect the nicotine. In short, a cool, dark place is the best for our e-liquid.

However, small amounts of exposure to heat and light won't have too much impact. So it's much wiser to choose e-liquid of smaller bottles. 

Glass Bottles vs. Plastic – Air Permeability and Headspace

The problem of keeping in the dark makes the choice between glass and plastic a little complicated. On the face of it, glass is the better choice, especially for long-term storage. Because the plastic are slightly permeable to air which means little bits can get through and interact with the juice. The trifling permeability when compared to glass, it is do a disadvantage.

The only downside to glass is the issue of "headspace" – the air above the e-juice when it's partially empty. With a plastic bottle, we can squeeze the bottle to minimize the amount of air in contact with the juice when storage which is obviously impossible with glass.

On balance, for long-term storage, glass is still the better choice, or a high-quality plastic bottle will also get the job done well. Ideally, if you're storing your e-juice for a very long time, you should do so with the bottle full, or the excess air squeezed out of the top.

Safe E-Liquid Storage

As you will undoubtedly be aware, we need to keep the e-juice away from kids and pets. Nicotine is poisonous, if a baby child or a curious dog gets access to our e-juice, the result could be tragic. Child-proof caps help, but they are far from a foolproof solution – in fact, they're really only "child-resistant", which means that if a kid has enough time, he or she will be able to open a bottle.

In conclusion, considering the benefit of cool, dark places for e-juice storage, a high cupboard out of direct sunlight is ideal, but a locked box or a container on a high shelf is also suitable choices.