Beginner's Guide on Your First E-Liquid

2022-07-30 16:37:08


When you first start to vape, there are a few key things that will help to make the change stick. Choosing the right equipment and getting the proper e-liquid are both important. There are a couple of considerations when it comes to buying your first e-liquid.

The Right Nicotine Strength

Getting the right strength of nicotine will make the difference between being enjoyable and aid. There are two main extremes:

Too much nicotine – this can be too harsh on the throat, known as the throat hit and will make vaping unpleasant.

Too little nicotine – this will leave you feeling the craving for more and means you might turn to a tobacco cigarette to fill the gap

The key is to get the right balance so that you automatically turn to electronic cigarettes and not tobacco ones. Plus the vaping device you are using can also play a part in this. For example, a mod with a sub-ohm tank doesn't need as much nicotine in the e-liquid as something like a pen-style with a basic tank or a clearomizer. Mods create more vapour, so you don't need as much nicotine to get a satisfying amount.

Examples To Choose

But how do you know how much is enough or is too much? Here are a few ideas basing on how much you smoke and the kind of device you are using.

Pen style devices:

1.Pack or more a day smoker – 18 mg/ml

2.Up to a pack a day – 12 mg/ml

3.10 or less a day – 6mg/ml

Mod style devices:

1.Pack or more a day smoker – 12mg/ml

2.Up to a pack a day – 6mg/ml

3.10 or less a day – 3mg/ml

Testing The Liquid

While this gives you some idea of where to start with the different nicotine strengths, there is always some personal preference involved. A pack a day smoker with a simple vape pen might start with 18 mg/ml but find that it is too strong on the throat and that 12mg/ml is a better option.

The advice is that it is often best to buy a few different strengths to start with and test to see which works best. If you don’t find the first one satisfying, then try going up or down depending on whether you found the first one too strong or not strong enough. Once you find the perfect nicotine strength, then you can start to look at different flavours.

Trying Different Flavours

One of the things that appeal to vaping is all the different flavours. People often have a range, and this makes the process more enjoyable than tobacco cigarette that always tastes the same. Once you have an idea of the ideal nicotine strength, you can try some different flavours. There are lots of different variations from straight fruit flavours to fun flavours that mimic sweet treats such as cherry Bakewell or vanilla ice cream!