• RP: $3.0 - $4.0

  • MOQ: 50 pcs

  • Volume: 30ml

  • Ratio: PG50/VG50

  • Nic Salt Strength: 30mg

OEM requests, please feel free to contact us for further details!

Brand: Mistea

Item Name: Mango Jasmine Tea Nicotine Salt Ejuice


Jasmine Tea is the most famous and widely spreaded tea in China. It is scented with the aroma of jasmine blossoms which is quite popular among females. The jasmine tea has green tea as the tea base; however, white tea and black tea are also used, giving off a subtly sweet and highly fragrant resulting flavor which is so unforgetable.


In this Jasmine-tea flavored nicotine salts eliquid, the fine extracts of palatable mango and fragrant jasmine tea, along with a little nicotine, are blended together in perfect harmony. The sweetness of mango makes the vapor flavor pretty impressive at the first puff. You will feel the vitality and relaxation when the mixture of vapour smoothly entwines in your mouth. The sweet but not cloying vaping experience is definitely a feast for your taste bud.

Different market prefer diffrent sweetness and coolness of vape oil, so we DESON also serves global vape stores and vape distributors with mature OEM(original equipment manufacturer) solutions. Among all the e juice suupliers in China, DESON with its top e liquid is sure to be the top one. 

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