• RP: $2.7 - $3.5

  • MOQ: 50pcs

  • Volume: 30ml

  • Ratio: PG50/VG50

  • Nicotine Strength: 30mg

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Brand: Liptea

Vape Flavor: Osmanthus Oolong Tea Flavor

Item Name: Liptea Osmanthus Oolong Tea Flavored Nicotine Salt E liquid

Flavor Description: 

Osmanthus oolong tea is a fragrant green oolong tea infused with osmanthus flowers. Osmanthus oolong tea is the ideal choice for tea lovers, with fresh green oolong tea quality and delicate floral balance.

After opening the bottle, the smell of the e-liquid has an extremely elegant floral fragrance, and the taste of the tea fragrance is hardly noticed. If you simply look at it from the perspective of "tea"/"flower tea", it does not seem to pass the test. But after turning into smoke, the very elegant and fresh osmanthus fragrance at the entrance is vividly displayed. After the process of exhaling, the aroma of oolong tea interweaves and responds, and the unique aroma will become more prominent. It can reflect its understanding of the theme of "osmanthus oolong tea".In addition, it also has a very weak sense of coolness as a precipitation, which makes the whole experience more attractive, which is unexpected. After entering the lungs is a dividing point for the overall taste. At this time, the taste of oolong tea is slowly manifested, and the tea taste is very real, with a slight bitterness in the tea aroma. The sweetness is very low when exhaling, and the tea fragrance remaining in the mouth is very memorable. Thanks to the benefits of nicotine salt, the overall performance of osmanthus oolong tea is very dense and the layering is quite good.

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