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Brand:  DRACULA Gold Series

Flavor:  Peach, Orange, Kiwi

Size:  30ml/bottle 

Ratio:  PG60/VG40

Nicoshu: 20mg/30ml

Flavor Description:

The three kinds of fruits are sweet and sour, so do not feel too surprised when smell the sour taste. Generally, the taste of orange e-juice is relatively strong but this one is not so pungent inversly. The taste of peaches and cherries are faint, and the coolness of mint melts in your mouth following by the delicate taste of sweet and sour kiwi. When exhaling, the taste of peach is very well volatilized, the taste is not very strong, but it is much more comfortable than those peaches with too much fragrance. Peach is the main flavor of this e-liquid, but it is not too strong to cover other flavors. The taste of orange can also be felt when smoking.

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