Reference Price:  $4.3 (Please contact us for the latest quotation.)

Brand:  DRACULA Gold Series

Flavor:  Peach, papaya, Cantaloupe

Size:  30ml/bottle 

Ratio:  PG60/VG40

Nicoshu: 20mg/30ml

Flavor Description:

At the moment of opening the package, the familiar while strange fragrance greets the nose. This kind of sweetness mixes with papaya and peach. We believe that with just one puff, the taste consistency could be clearly recognized. To restore a familiar fruit, it is not just about the aroma or sweetness. When extracting the juice of peach, papaya and cantaloupe, DESON perfumers professionally consider the top, middle and bottom notes of the target fragrance. Only in this way can we truly restore the true taste of the three different fruits and serve for our customers.

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