Reference Price:  $4.3 (Please contact us for the latest quotation.)

Brand:  DRACULA Gold Series

Flavor:  Blue Raspberry, Grape

Size:  30ml/bottle 

Ratio:  PG60/VG40

Nicotine Salt: 20mg/30ml + Nicoshu

Flavor Description:

The taste of blue raspberry is relatively obvious with strong aroma. The first puff is the taste of sweet and sour mint, which stimulates both our taste and appetite. When exhaling, the taste in the back of the mouth degrades, but not dull and tasteless. The slightly cool and sweet and sour taste does make people feel refreshed. This is a hybrid e-liquid. The grape flavor itself highlights some sweetness. You will clearly feel the sweet smell of grapes. This oil also reflects a slight toush of blue raspberries.

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