Reference Price:  $4.3 (Please contact us for the latest quotation.)

Brand:  DRACULA Gold Series

Flavor:  Orange, Mango, Grape

Size:  30ml/bottle 

Ratio:  PG60/VG40

Nicotine Salt: 20mg/30ml + Nicoshu

Flavor Description:

We give this e-liquid a very high evaluation of its sweetness and sourness, because we have skillfully extracted the essence of orange and mango and combined them with grapes. The combination of three sweet and sour tastes will definitely surprise you but worth trying it!


The User Evaluation: 

The flavor is the coolness of mint, following by the sweet and sour taste of orange, but it is not very obvious. When exhaling, the flavor of mango can be well evaporated, the flavor is not very strong, but it is much more comfortable than those mangoes with too much fragrance. Three different sweet and sour fruit flavors can be well blended together. The main flavor of his e-juice is still orange, but it is not the top one. The taste of grapes can also be felt when inhaling. Although the overall taste is not particularly strong, it is worth trying it!

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