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Brand: DRACULA Gold Series

Flavor:  Pineapple, Mango, Peach

Size: 30ml/bottle 

Ratio:  PG60/VG40

Nicotine Salt: 20mg/30ml + Nicoshu

Flavor Description:

DRACULA series is a series of many fruit blends. It uses high-quality healthy fruits from the mainland, and carefully extracts the essence of pineapple, mango and peach to make juice. The top range fume equipment mixes them, the taste is long-lasting with fragrant. And the throat hit is very good so that your taste buds can experience the explosion of three fruits mixing together!


The User Evaluation: 

The first taste is the sour and sweet pineapple, and then the sweet peach fills the throat. Although it stays in the throat, due to the mix of pineapple, it will not feel sweet to the throat. When exhaling, the overall taste is reduced, and there will be a hint of sweet and sour taste. It may be the role of mango. Although it is a mixed flavor, the taste of pineapple is still the strongest. The taste of this fruit itself is very recognizable, while the taste of mango is difficult to detect, but there is a little acidity in the back mouth. The embodiment of peaches may be used to match the easily greasy taste of peaches.

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