• RP: $1.5 - $4.0

  • MOQ: 50 pcs

  • Ratio: PG50/VG50

  • Capacity: 15ml/30ml

  • Nic Salt Strength: 20mg/35mg/50mg

For OEM requests, please feel free to contact us for further details!


Flavor: Blueberry, Pop, Tabacoo

Item Name: CRAZY VAPE Purple Bomb Nic Salts Eliquid

Flavor Description: 

This salt nic vape juice for e cig is named Purple Bomb, the main flavor of which is blueberry and tabacoo. 

If you used to be a tobacoo smoker, and now want to switch to e cig vaper, you shall begin with our Purple Bomb vape liquid. The familiar tabacoo flavor of this vape oil will help you get used to vaping more quickly. In the meantime, the delicate blueberry taste of this eliquids gives you different vaping experience comparing to smoking. The e cigarette vapor is much smoother than smoking because there is no burning particles of tabacoo in the smoke. In this instance, vaping is much healthier and convenient than traditional smoking.

DESON also provides global distributors and vape store owners with efficient OEM( original equipment manufacturer) solutions. If you want to wholesale vape juice of other mixture flavor of tabacoo, you can reach out for our customize services. As a superior e-juice wholesale supplier in China, with our advanced factory equipment and high-quality customer services, the service and products will satisfy each vape shop boss and vape distributor.

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