• RP: $1.5 - $4.0

  • MOQ: 50 pcs

  • Ratio: PG50/VG50

  • Capacity: 15ml/30ml

  • Nic Salt Strength: 20mg/35mg/50mg

For OEM requests, please feel free to contact us for further details!


Flavor: Melon Ice

Item Name: CRAZY VAPE Golden Beauty Nicotine Salt E liquid

Flavor Description: 

This e-liquid is named Golden Beauty because there is main ingredient of melon in it. And to add more coolness taste to the vape juice, there is also mint extract in it. Among all the flavors of the Juiceo Series, Golden Beauty is like a tender lady due to its mild and moderate flavor.

Melon is an attractive flavor in frosting on cookies and cakes, adding a subtle fruit taste to creamy dessert. Our DESON marketing member noticed this popularity of melon flavor, and after much researching and processing, finely our researchers made the melon-flavored e-liquid come out. 

The flavor is mildly sweet with delicate fragrance when you sniff directly near the squeeze bottle. Storing the e-juice into the pods and turning on the vape kit, the flavor gets heavier after heating. Smoking the moist vapor, you will feel the sweet aroma fill your mouth, wander through your teeth. As you exhaling, your drowsy head gets clear, your life burden gets off or being taken away by the vapor. And following this effect is the cool mint ingredient penetrating into the blood as nicotine, reaching to your nerves of the whole body. The palatable melon blending with the mint makes the taste modestly sweet and ice-cold. No more hesitation, let’s try!

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