• RP: $1.5 - $4.0

  • MOQ: 50 pcs

  • Ratio: PG50/VG50

  • Capacity: 15ml/30ml

  • Salt Nic Strength: 20mg/35mg/50mg

For OEM requests, please feel free to contact us for further details!


Flavor: Cola Slush

Item Name: CRAZY VAPE Vocanical Eruption Nic Salts Eliquid

Flavor Description: 

The brown package design of this Volcanic Eruption nicotine salt vape juice was inspired from the color of cola drink. Most of you must have been highly impressed by cola in the blaze of advertisement of COCA-COLA. All those TV Commercial clips must be still vivid in your mind, the hot and sweaty summer, the vigorous and energetic youth, and finally came the icy cola like a super cool hurricane sweeping away the thirst and dryness-heat. When you have read here, you must can not wait to know more about our cola-drink-flavored nic salt vape oil.


It is so interesting that you could enjoy cola taste with vaping, not with soft drink. The coolness of this vape liquid is so strong that at the moment the child-proof bottle cap was took off, the flavor refreshes you right away as you breathe. Not to mention the strong freshness you feel when you inhale the smooth vapor, the feeling is like swallowing down a full mouth of icy slush, or opening the refrigerator in summer. The sensuality makes you thirst for more puffs. The more vapour you inhale, the more coolness you feel. The cool smoke-filled mist around you is like a mini refrigerator, giving you a piece of pleasantly space, as well as a peace of mind. To be specific, it not volcanic eruption, but glacier journey!

We also provide superior vape juice OEM (original equipment manufacturer) services for global vape distributors and vape shop owners. Please dn't hesitate to contact us for more details of customize services. Sincerely inviting world wide vaper friends, vape shops owner and vape suppliers to buy vape juice of ours.

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